Dress Code

Postulant Sisters

A Postulant, wears simple black clothing and a white veil, a white face, and white lips. This is symbolic of their task which is to watch and learn. The white lips signify that they are not yet ready to speak for the group, but are encouraged to begin working with the community and forming positive relationships.

Novice Sisters

The Novice wears a traditional white coronet with a white veil. A white base for the face is required, but a sister at this level is ready to represent the group and should color her lips to show it. She is encouraged to express her individuality through her fashion and make-up.

Fully Professed Sisters

A Fully Professed Sister is without the restrictions of a white coronet. A white base to her make-up is highly recommended.

Sister's Formal

This consists of a red robe and bib which are trimmed in black. The traditional white coronet, veil, and white face.


Guards are encouraged to use a white base to their make-up and should dress first for functionality. A Guard needs to be able to see clearly what is going on around the sisters and be able to move freely in the event that he's needed. Dressing in a manner that doesn't undermine their presence as an authority is highly recommended. Secondarily, Guards should refrain from appearing in a manner that might be too off putting as they are still expected to spread joy and do bar ministry. The look should be topped with a black leather top-hat and a white hat-band to signify Postulant or Novice status. Fully Professed Guards may change their hat-band to other colors.

Guard's Formal

The formal for Guards include black shoes with a black kilt or pants. A white dress shirt, with a black or red bow-tie and an optional black or red vest should be added. The look is completed by the top-hat used for all Guard looks.

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Sister Formal

Guard Formal