Sister Profiles

FP Sister Raven B'Yotch
aka Fish Clown

Barry (Founder/Abbess)

"It's a big place. Have a seat."

She's serving you pageant clown fish realness on a platter every night. Her name may be Raven B'Yotch, but her heart is that of gold. There are no words to describe how much love she has for the community.

FP Sister Bea Yerself

Bryan (Mistress of Novices)

"Be yourself, Love yourself."

Life has taught this good Sister many lessons, but the number one lesson is: life is too short to live as anything less than your authentic self. Her heart beats with love for the community, and a desire to see everyone be proud of who they are.

FP Guard Shawn McAukauff

Joe (Founder/Member at Large)

"Not my circus. Not my monkeys."

Master of the Guard, Shawn McAukauff may look scary, but has a heart of solid gold! He does most of the peace keeping and heavy lifting.

FP Guard Señor Vato Lobo
(Mr Wolf Dude in English)

Alejandro (Master of Coins)

"No shame in my game."

This werewolf turned Guard is serving you feral beast realness! But don't let his scary look fool you, he is as cuddly as a puppy. He strives to show the community not to fear being yourself, and to let your inner beast out to play every now and then.

Fp. Sister Constance Chaos

Anna (Mistress of Notes)

"Buy the ticket, take the ride."

This good Sister is a mama bear of two teen Titans, hence the lunacy and chaos. Her dark sense of humor will lighten your day and she'll give to all that she can.

FP Sister Shae Dee Queen
aka Anita Seat

Ryan (Founder)

"It's for us."

She may be a nun, but her name explains it all! The shade from her tea tree will get you right together! Don't be fooled though, the shade is cold but her love for the community is genuine and warm.

Fp. Sister Byanka Bangsum


"Just sum not all"

The comedian of the group, this sister loves to remind people not to take life too serious with her fun loving jokes!

FP Sister Tara Ryze



This sister bounces around like an energetic bunny, but has a heart of gold. A selfless caregiver who puts the needs of others before her own, all while still having fun.

Nv. Guard Karma ZsBytch


"Smile to your problems and leave the past behind"

Despite his intimidating stature, Karma is a teddy bear who reminds us that chivalry is not dead. The aspiring Master of Propoganda is often found holding doors, drinks, and purses for others.

Fp. Guard Popa Tent


"Call me Mr Beard!"

The "shy" one who means business when push comes to shove, this guard will stand up for what he believes despite who is around him!

Fp. Guard Dr. Strangelove

Aaron Clevenger (Founder)

"I'm glad I brought my library card, 'cause I’m checking you out!!!"

This Guard's eyes are everywhere – be it keeping an eye on his fellow sisters, or looking for some Strange... love... His love of a good flirt is always on his mind, but the love for his sisters and the community trumps all else.

FP Sister Donna Tellame
aka Bulldonna

Michael (Founder)

"I'm from the military."

This twisted sister will be sure to have you on your ass with her snarky, quick, witted comments. She's a no nonsense kinda gal. Her dedication to the community has gained her respect among her peers. She protects the guards, after all, she was in the military.