Exequatur Binder

Official Name:
The Smokin' Cardinal Sisters
T'Keela Mockingbird of Orlando, FL and Faegala Tina Pfischzoot of Nashville, TN
Corporation name:
The Smokin' Cardinal Sisters
Incorporation Date:
Original Incorporation Date May 09, 2013 as Sisters of Sacred Insanity
Corporation Name Change Date: May 15, 2014 to The Smokin' Cardinal Sisters
491 Reeder Branch Drive, Clayton NC 27520-4021
Submitted our application to the IRS on August 13, 2014.
Acknowledgment was received August 28, 2014. Our EIN# is availble by request.
Area of Operation:
Our coverage area includes the Triad and Triangle areas of North Carolina. At this time we are currently trying to serve as much of the state as possible.


An exequatur (pronounced: /ˌeksəˈkwādər/) is a legal document issued by a sovereign authority allowing a right to be enforced in the authority's domain of competence. The word is a form of the Latin verb exequi, and means let it be executed in Latin.

With the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the acceptance of a house's request for an exequatur is considered a milestone and is usually accompanied by great celebration. The Sisters from houses hundreds of miles away frequently make the trip to join the celebration.